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Spiritual Tool: A non-material, situation specific process proven over time and across cultures to change actions, attitude or awareness and promote quality of life.

Wikipedia does not have a section on Spiritual Tools. There are a number of sites that explore the non-material tools. Some are quite good (see Links). Some sites show beads and accessories under the heading Personal Spiritual Tools. I have nothing against these things, but they have a more material emphasis.

The site is still young. Most of the tools in the table have no attached content. I will be adding to the site as part of my meditation. I welcome contributions. Pick a tool. Please explore and write about your experience. Send it and I will consider incorporating your discussion into these pages.

The actions suggested with each tool are by no means the only way or even the right way - just a way. I know what seems to work for me, my friends and mentors. Please use the Comment Button to send suggestions, corrections and enhancements. The goal of this site is to hone these tools on the anvil of experience.

CURRENT LIST (Note: This is a work in progress. I am adding links to the table as the spirit takes me.)

Address HALT Admit I'm Wrong Ask for Help Address Balance Clean House Control What I Pour Into My Brain
Define Sanity Forgive Gratitude List Harvest Feelings Help Secretly Hug Someone
Imagine Success Journal Laugh at the Beast Listen with My Whole Body Look at My Feet Look for the Good
Make Amends Meditate Music Hath Charms Nurture Nature Pause Practice a Craft
Pray for Knowledge Reach Out Restart My Day Seek God Smile St. Francis Prayer
Step Away Surrender My Will Take Care of the Body Tell on Myself Volunteer