Spiritual Tool Defined

How Spiritual Tools are defined for the purpose of this site

Spiritual Tool: A non-material, situation specific process proven over time and across cultures to change attitude or awareness and promote quality of life.

NON-MATERIAL: Spiritual is that which is not material. This site is not a Spiritual Tool by this definition. The suggestions made here when applied to my life are Spiritual Tools.

SPECIFIC: A tool is situation specific. The old adage that "when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" applies here. Some Spiritual Tools are very specific and others are like Duct Tape - immediately helpful in a broad range of situations. For example, "Name three good things about a peson or situation when troubled by them", is an application of the principle of Love. Love and Service are fundamental principles and like wood and steel are used to build tools for more specific situations.

ACTIONS, ATTITUDES & AWARENESS: My purpose in life is to "fit myself to be of maximum service to God and others about me". I use Spiritual Tools to affect changes in me not in "the others". My actions, attitudes and awareness are all I have power to control. Therefore, Spiritual Tools must affect a change in these aspects of me before I can be of service to others.

PROVEN: All Spiritual Tools included in this site, must be based on principles. A principle is a yardstick to measure my actions, attitudes and awareness proven throughout history and around the world to create the greatest quality of life for the greatest number. Just as the carpenter must understand raw materials used to build tools, this site will attempt to promote more complete awareness of principles.

QUALITY: In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values (1974) author Robert M. Pirsig, after a long search, concludes that the Quality that can be named is not the absolute Quality. It is known when observed but not definable. The Tao Te Ching (circa 400-300 BC) by Lao Tzu, in the beginning states "The Name that can be Named is not the absolute Name". And yet, Quality of Life is a fairly universal goal. Therefore, I will not attempt to define Quality but rather point to it. So please bear in mind that "A finger pointing at the moon is not the moon". This site is a meager gesture in the direction of the moon - or so I hope.

For me,
Deploying these tools in my life is not difficult.
Not deploying them creates problems, troubles and misery.
These in turn lead to all the negative emotions.
Situations are inevitable; misery is optional.


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Goals of the site

  1. Promote Quality of Life through the gift of proven and practical Spiritual Tools
  2. Consolidate, clarify and gain consensus on these Spiritual Tools
  3. Show how to practice Spiritual Tools in a directed manner at first until they transcend, over time, to become a working part of the character
  4. Consolidate, clarify and gain consensus on the underlying principles behind these Spritual Tools.


TOOL FOCUSED : Look up the Spiritual Tool and see what principles are involved.
Each Spiritual Tool description has three parts.

  1. DESCRIPTION: An overview of the tool and when it is best used
  2. PRINCIPLES: A list of the principles behind the tools
  3. ACTION: Suggests a practical program of action to affect attitude or awareness toward greater Quality of Life

PRINCIPLE FOCUS : Look up the principle and assess how a better understanding and awareness can improve life-quality.
Each Principle description has at least three parts.

  1. DEFINITION: How do others define the principle?
  2. DISCUSSION: What is its significance and relation to other concepts? What personal experience do I have in its application?
  3. RELEVANCE: How can my awareness of the principles improve life-quality?

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