Spiritual Tools - Surrender My Will

Give up having to have my way about anything.

God's Will and Free Will: What is God's Will and what is my will? How can God's Will and my free will exist in harmony? These questions have puzzled seekers across cultures and epochs around the world. I do not pretend to know the answer for anyone else. For me, a workable solution did come into my life when I meditated on the concept called "the Care of God" and then used the resulting realization as a guide to action.

Care of God: I have managed employees, watched pets and cared for senior citizens and children. Each is a form of having another in my care. I did not need nor should I have directed their every action. Each knew a set of principles to follow - a process for success that could result in a favorable outcome. With my children, one direction was "Stay in the yard and play to your heart's content as long as you behave." There were only negative consequences outside the boundaries or acting outside the basic principles of human society. "Share and be nice." They only needed to be "good" to have a "good time".

As a kid, I often jumped the fence myself for the excitement and fun offered on the other side. At first, it was fun. I thought I got away with my misbehavior. In truth, every jump took me out of the care and protection of those who cared most for me. Every jump took me down a path toward selfish, self-centered loneliness and dishonesty. I was disconnected when I could not fully share who I was and what I did with those who loved me. I always played by some rules just to get by. I was given all I required and more. What I had was not enough. I needed more. I grabbed and got more. When I got "it" or "there", the absence of desire left a hole I sought to fill again. I rarely got enough. As an adult, restlessness lessened but was never gone.

Out of the Results Business: Now I realize that the results are always favorable when I think and act based on principles. I act as if the Will of God is for me to never intentionally do the wrong thing ever again. The "wrong thing" is bounded by the principles as imaged by the playground fence. I am free to pursue any thought or action-path that matches these principles. I can play any game, dance any dance inside the fence. I am in my will alone when I knowingly pursue a thought or take an action contrary to the principles. My will seeks predetermined results. By following God's Will I can look forward to the unexpected; look forward to see what favorable results these spiritual tools will conjure out of reality which is "The Unexpected". The Power behind a solid kit of spiritual tools, consistently applied, removes any reason for resentment or fear; removes the need to seek a particular outcome; removes the need to manipulate others as a means to an end.

Pause: The key to coming into harmony is to pause when planning my day or when agitated or doubtful. Take a look at my thinking, actions or intentions. Ask for the knowledge of God's Will. I smile at my little plans and designs. I look for solutions laying at my feet. I then stop thinking and acting for a moment. In that space between my thoughts I find an intuition that knows right from wrong - a God consciousness. There is an awareness there that can direct my thinking and actions based on universal principles. I breath deeply. I immerse myself in the Now. I become aware of the Presence of God by becoming aware of reality as manifested in my body and the world around me.

Solutions at My Feet: From where I stand today there are an infinite number of directions I can go. I call it the solutions laying at my feet. If half are outside the fence, that leaves half of infinity inside. My choices are not truly limited. Any one of the right paths will be fulfilling in itself. Any will lead to favorable results. Which is the best path? There may be no one best path. It helps if I imagine balance in my life. What areas need attention: family, health, fun, education, spiritual, economic. I ask how my choice will affect the balance. No Action is kept as a viable option. I then choose and promptly act accordingly. My experience with this approach indicates that there are wrong choices but no one choice is ever THE right choice. This is Freedom.


Now I Am Enough

Stepping stones across life's foggy river,
the other side unseen.
Some are sound; some slick.

I pause to breathe the misty air
and sense the river flow.
I look for signs of other feet
or rock or sand below.

Once I tried to pierce the fog
or scheme to clear its stay.
Today I smile and dance and sing
across the certain Way.

I do not care if little things
won't work to suit my schemes
since all of God's Results are found
beyond my wildest dreams.

Today I cease the question why
what waits across on shore
for Now I Am Enough my friend.
and that's what life is for.

(© quoted by permission 12/20/2008)


  1. Surrender
  2. Patience
  3. Humility
  4. Acceptance
  5. Integrity
  6. Joy


  1. Pause in planning my day or when agitated or doubtful
  2. Smile
  3. Inventory my train of thoughts and actions
    (Tip: Write them down if necessary.)
  4. Let go of attachment to a particular chain of events leading to an outcome
  5. Look for solutions laying at my feet Now - something I can do Now
  6. Run through the list of principles comparing each solution to the list
    (Tip: This is a quick scan not a detailed analysis. It keeps the ego busy while the intuition kicks in.)
  7. Sit quiet
  8. Breathe meditative
  9. Climb between my thoughts
    (Tip: Act like a cat watching a mouse hole waiting for the next thought to pop out )
  10. If several favorable choices arise, consider the current state of balance in my life:
    (I use the list: Family, Health, Fun, Spiritual, Economic and Education - in any order)
  11. If no clear direction appears, call a mentor or consider no action


  1. A Surrender Prayer

    God, Thy Will be done for them as well as for me.
    Take our relationship; let it become what You want it to be.
    And show me the truth.