Spiritual Tools - Address Balance

I Set Goals Detached from Outcomes and Pick up Solutions

What is Balance?: A useful model of a Balanced Life has six aspects: Family, Health, Fun, Education, Spiritual and Economic . Life is easier when I address each aspect to some extent each day. I address these aspects with my thoughts, attitudes, actions and awareness.

In the morning I consider my plans for the day. What areas need attention? When I face indecision during the day, I pause and consider the aspects of my life. How will my decision affect the current balance. I once thought I did not have time during the day to pause and reflect. Today I have more time because I pause. It takes more work to correct a life badly out of balance than to maintain one in balance.

Set Goals: I set goals in the six aspects. I write them down; keep them close; read them often. I review them with those most impacted – family, business associates, etc. Goals shared with others generate commitment. In the morning, I pray first, review goals and then meditate or read something spiritual. I am then in the right space to review my plans in light of my goals.

Detach from Outcomes: Life is better when I realize that the process of moving toward goals is the reward not the attainment of the goal itself. In the past, I sought the goal so I would be happy “then”. When I reached the goal, I experienced a loss of desire. I felt a sense of loss rather than fulfillment. A new desire filled the emptiness and off I set on the quest for “then” again. When the steps I take today toward a goal are themselves the reward, serenity becomes a state of being – a background upon which my life is painted one stroke at a time.

Pick Up Solutions: Solutions are lying at my feet. Some match my goals and the principles. Others do not. I pause to consider the balance and my goals. When I pickup and apply the solutions that match the principles and my goals, the results are always favorable – I just don't know what the results will be. I am OK with that fact. I do not care if things will not turn out the way I plan as long as the results are beyond my wildest dreams.

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  1. Balance
  2. Humility
  3. Gratitude
  4. Integrity
  5. Self-Disipline


  1. Set written goals in the areas of Family, Health, Fun, Education, Spiritual and Economic. These are in no particular order of importance.
  2. Review these as part of my morning meditation.
  3. Ask "Where am I out of balance? What areas need attention?"
  4. When in doubt, ask a mentor or spiritual advisor.
  5. Plan activities and set schedules to promote balance.
  6. During the day, when faced with equally favorable solutions laying at my feet, I should choose the one that contributes most to balance.
  7. When things do not work out according to plan I remind myself, they never do .It is the process of staying in balance that is the destination.