Spiritual Tools - Admit I Am Wrong

"I was wrong." has the power to heal.

I never realized how few times in my life I used the phrase "I was wrong ..." until nearing a half-century of age. When I did admit it, I likely followed it by a "but ..." and some well crafted reasons why it was not my fault that I was wrong. I was told about the power of the combination "wrong" and "I" when used promptly. It is a magical combination. My throat gags a little still as the word comes out. It disarms and asks forgiveness at the same time. As with all these tools, they are more effective when practiced genuinely. By the way, when you find errors in these pages, they are entirely my fault.



  1. Humility
  2. Honesty
  3. Prudence
  4. Integrity
  5. Courage
  6. Willingness


  1. Pause when agitated or doubtful
  2. Ask "Am I wrong?", "Am I looking to blame someone for a situation where I am at least partially guilty?" and "Could I have done this better?"
  3. Practice Prudence in choosing the right time and manner for the amends.
  4. Promptly admit it in a courteous and sensible manner using the phrase "I was wrong..." and, if warranted, "You were right...", without addressing any wrong other parties may have contributed.
  5. Ask, "What would you have me do to set this right?"
  6. If reasonable and practical, I make the amends. If not, I pleasantly negociate or peacefully walk away.


Today I failed to return a call to a friend who is not well. In these situations, when I did not care enough to remember to return a phone call, I try not to make excuses or minimize my actions. I promptly admit my wrong and if proper, make a special effort to contact them the next time I think of them.