Spiritual Tools - Ask for Help

We can do together what I cannot.

This is NOT the last tool to pull out when all others fail. I tried that and it nearly killed me. As I look back, a quality support network was built one day at a time by me reaching out and helping others. It is a byproduct of altruism and may not be achievable as an end in itself. I know only a very, very small fraction of what is knowable and have direct experience with less. People are often willing to share their experience, strength and hope. The material is probably not what I truly need even when it is what I want. If someone teaches me to fish, I am much better off in the long run than if they brought me fish.



  1. Humility
  2. Courage
  3. Patience
  4. Prudence
  5. Sharing
  6. Willingness


  1. Help others for the joy received in the Now in becoming a better servant.
  2. Exchange numbers with others even if you do not forsee how they can ever be of service to you. I have sometimes gotten help through very unlikely sources.
  3. When faced with indecision, first imagine a meeting with your mentors - people you respect. Envision what they would suggest you do.
  4. If one of them seems they may have an answer, contact that one and discuss the situation.
  5. If no answers come, pick a name at random of those you trust, contact them and explain the situation.
  6. Either way, start any help seeking conversation by asking first:
    "I was wondering if you have a few minutes to help me with a situation I am facing."
    Then wait and listen. Most people are glad to be asked for advice but sometimes I may catch them at a hectic or stressful moment. Be patient.
  7. Try to understand what the person is advising or how an experience they may relate offers direction. I should not try to argue the rightness or wrongness of their suggestion. I came for advice not to judge.
  8. Pause and reflect. Meditation and prayer are particularly fruitful in this mindset.
  9. Act promptly on any decision but be willing to take no action if no clear answer arises.
  10. If there is nothing I can do, I accept reality as it is.

    If I am not the solution, I have no problem. If I am the problem, then the solution is within me.


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