Spiritual Tools - Nurture Nature

I've lived with three Zen masters in my life and they were all cats.

Lord help me to be half the man my dog thinks I am.

He who plants a garden plants happiness. - Chinese Proverb

A pet, wild animal, house plant or forest is not a Spiritual Tool. Each is a conscious living entity. But nurturing these beings can evolve into a ritual of Spiritual Growth, a heartfelt responsibility and a lasting joy.

I seek to share the intricate Wonder of Nature. Her depths are renowned over time and across cultures. Her restorative powers humble the ego. I spoke last night with a friend who will today experience the Grand Canyon for the first time. Several times during his trip he called in tear-eyed wonder at the awesome beauty of the American West. It is beyond words. But I have also experienced a profound sense of wonder at the diminutive perfection of the common housefly. All our science cannot take one apart and put it back together - nor should we try.

When I go from witness to participant I begin to exercise spiritual muscles. When I groom a pet, water a plant, fill a bird feeder or pick up trash along the forest path, I get out of self and into service. Nurturing shifts the emphasis toward giving.

The world will give for just so long to a taker but freely to a giver to enhance and pass along.



  1. Wonder
  2. Humility


  1. Become aware of the natural world of everyday life.
  2. Take time to examine the common and the glorious from a new pair of eyes.
  3. Ask, what do I really know about this being? What is our relationship? How may I add quality to its existence?
  4. Make time each day to nurture some other being on the planet. Give it your full attention.
  5. Share your experienes with others who might understand.


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