Spiritual Tools - Situations Index

Situations are inevitable. Reality is the unexpected. Misery is optional.

"Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.", William James. Spiritual Tools alter attitudes. Some tools are broad in nature and apply to many situations. Others are most effective in a narrower range. Still others, are maintenance focused with some applicability to the unexpected. These last, work well as a part of a ritual of spirituality. This section is designed for those who do not know the right tool to use. Click on the term that might apply to your situation. When the site is fully implemented, each will take you to a suggested set of Tools to apply to that situation.

NOTE: I m debating whether to complete this section or just focus on Tools and Principles. Any Comments?


Anger Bewilderment Confusion Despair Discord Doubt
Error Fear Frustration Hatred Indecision Loneliness
Lust Misunderstanding Resentment Sadness Shadows Terror
Uncertainty Wrong