Spiritual Tools - Principles

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How Spiritual Principles are defined for the purpose of this site

Principle: 1. n. A basic truth, law or assumption.
2. a. A rule or standard esp. of behavior.
    b. Moral or ethical standards or judgements collectively
The American Heritage Dictionary

A Spiritual Principle is a proven standard or yardstick of thought, attitude and awareness used to assess past or future behavior.

I have a theory that the majority of the list can be summarized by just two:


Kindness and Integrity

Actions based on proven Principles result in the greatest quality of life for the greatest number.

CURRENT LIST (Note: This is a work in progress. I am adding links to the table as the spirit takes me.)

Acceptance Altruism Anonymity Awareness of God Balance Considerate
Courage Empathy Faith Forgiveness Genuineness Gratitude
Honesty Humility Integrity Kindness Love Patience
Perseverance Presence Progress Prudence Purity Quality
Reasonableness Self-Discipline Service Sharing Surrender Tactfulness
Temperance Thoroughness Tolerance Understanding Unselfishness Willingness