Spiritual Tools - Disclaimer

"We realize we know only a litle."

This site is intended to be a forum for coming to some consensus on these Spiritual Tools. I do not care if I am right. In fact, my purpose is to throw these rough thoughts and observations against the Internet "wall" and see what sticks. I look forward to hearing from you, getting with mentors and friends and making corrections, additions and deletions based on informed contemplation of your feedback. I plan to add a blog function at some time. All this in the realization that “We can know what I cannot”.

This site started as an early morning inspiration to create a website with this name for this purpose. I was quite surprised to find the domain name available. This was my first choice for a name because of what the term “net” implies. I have begun to trust these moments of clarity. Beyond that, I do not know or care Why I am motivated or directed in this effort to share these ramblings.

I AM NOT ...

  1. An Expert on Spirituality
  2. Seeking material gain directly from this site
  3. Afiliated with any organization or institution for the purposes of this site
  4. Interested in trying to understand why these tools work - it is unimportant
  5. Holding back on a Secret Agenda

I AM ...

  1. A Lover of these tools and principles
  2. A Seeker of an easier, softer design for living
  3. A Sporatic Practitioner of these techniques