Spiritual Tools - About "Us"

Ego is the conscious separation from...

At this point the "Us" is a me with a number of mentors, friends and advisors assisting - sometimes without knowing. I learn from hanging around the winners. Not a single winner, but as a collection. It is like the old story from India about he blind men and the elephant. One said, "An elephant is like a wall". Another said, "No, An elephant is like a rope." Another said, "No, An elephant is like a snake." Another said, "No, An elephant is like the trunk of a tree." Another "...like a big leaf." Of course, they all were touching a different part of the elephant and had yet to experience the other parts. I have imagined some saying, "No, An elephant is like a rubber ducky". Obviously not everyone is in touch with the elephant.

This Me based site will need to become an Us in the near future. This is a compilation of what I have come to believe is the core of a successful design for living. I aim to discuss proven tips applicable to anyone. I did not invent these techniques and do not intend or wish credit. They were freely given to me and so I pass them on.



  1. The act of being of service is its own reward.
  2. Please use me as a channel to pass onto the world your solutions. If you want, I will give you credit where credit is due or keep your anonymity.
  3. I do not aim to WOW you with the format of this site. It is simple because the spiritual is the formless. Attachment to form is ego.
  4. Please take what you can use and leave the rest. This is not intended to please everyone or fit with their beliefs.
  5. Above all, my aim is to do no harm.


  1. Send me a comment and I will email you back if you so desire - when the time is right
  2. I am a self-employed consultant with a focus on entrepreneurs, BPM and IT technical support. (Yes, it is possible to focus on all three - I hope.)
  3. I experienced a metamorphosis some five years back as a result of appying these tools and feel it is time to Pay it forward